my, how the times have changed.

Today I did an an observation in a 6th grade class, and I realized just how old I am.

I mean, do you realize that kids who were born in the year 2000 are now in middle school?? When my future kids find out that I was born in the 1900s, they are going to FLIP OUT.

So I was observing a Language Arts class, and today’s assignment was to create a comic strip depicting a story they had read in class. But not the hand-drawn comic strips of my day and age. No, comic strips created ON THE MACBOOK THAT EACH STUDENT WAS GIVEN BY THE SCHOOL. WITH A SPECIAL PROGRAM JUST FOR MAKING COMICS ON THE MACBOOK THAT EACH STUDENT WAS GIVEN BY THE SCHOOL.

They actually made some really cool stuff today. I was very impressed. In an aged sort of way.


new this year

This has been a year of discoveries for me, maybe more than any other year. And all these discoveries have one thing in common: They all distract me from homework.

Jenny & Tyler. They’re sweet and simple and honest, with sometimes-chilling harmonies and amazing rhythm. They blend issues of faith, beauty, and love. I recommend driving with the windows down (sorry, you’ll have to wait til next summer), listening to them as loudly as possible. They’re on grooveshark, and I’d start with the songs “Carry Me,” “This Isn’t A Dream,” and “Love Through Me.” This is THE greatest tool in my procrastination belt. If you’re someone who likes collecting internet recipes or articles or photos or even videos, pinterest is for you. You “pin” an image from a site onto a virtual “board,” but the great thing is that the pin links you back to the original site. It’s become the best way for me to keep track of different recipes, art therapy ideas, and other projects.

Baking. This could be its own list. Ooh, good idea. Stay tuned.

Movies on youtube. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched the new BBC Emma in 28 different parts that are about 10 minutes each.

Andrew Belle. He’s like Chris Martin and The Fray in bodily hipster form. You can find his music on grooveshark; I’d start with his album “The Ladder.” If I could marry a voice…well, he’d probably come in third place, but first place isn’t alive anymore, so that’s a pretty good ranking.

Sam Hart, aka Mario-Kart-Love-Song-Guy. Please check out his cover of “Beauty and the Beast.” Who knew Asians were so awesome?

Just kidding. I knew Asians were so awesome.

The Daily Show. Don’t judge me. Okay, fine, judge me. But buried deep within the questionable humor and incessant need for language censorship, there are some very appreciable moments. I won’t link to it, because somehow I would feel guilty, but I thought the “World of Class Warfare – The Poor’s Free Ride Is Over” episode was just awesome.

And saving the best for last…The Civil Wars. I can hardly breathe when I listen to some of their songs. They only have one full album (Barton Hollow) so far, but it’s seriously mesmerizing. I think they’re kind of like Edgar Allen Poe in Appalachian form. Which is a compliment.

And of course, so many other things could be added to this list: new books, new friends, a new book club (seriously excited about this one), new internship, and new adventures–can you say Boston, New Hampshire (aka Hamshter) and Maine in one weekend? Thankfully we’ve still got almost twenty percent of the year to go.