life keeps beginning


This was a very meaningful day.

I can’t say that about every day. Does that sound sad? It’s actually not too upsetting to me. I’m one of those people who finds meaning in tiny things, like the way sunlight filters through leaves, or moon glow that lights up the entire night sky, or more ridiculous pleasures like getting every possible green light on the way to work. These small things somehow sustain my soul throughout the course of my day. I’m not actually sure that I could handle very meaningful things on a daily basis. I’m just a small-meaning type of person.

Today, however, definitely fell under the big-meaning category. For the past seven months, I have been an intern at my county’s rape crisis center. I was scared out of my mind to intern at a rape crisis center, but every single day has been a gift. I cannot convey the hope I have been given as I see clients who are wounded and broken, and yet who manifest such strength and beauty. I have been privileged to be part of this journey.

Today’s meaning is thanks to a lovely good-bye lunch given by the women who guided and supported and sometimes mothered me during the past few months. They gave me some beautiful gifts and kind words as they said their good-byes. It felt like a blessing as I move on to the next grand adventure.

During my good-bye lunch, our team did some art therapy together. We each made a collage depicting our hopes for the coming year. Mine ended up being a perfect description of the past few months, and hopefully of the next year as well. I colored a background of a dirt road winding over rolling hills. Over that I pasted cut-out letters that said, “Life keeps beginning.” That’s the only way I can describe my experience: every time I went to a hospital or took part in group therapy or got a new client, I felt like a part of my life was starting for the very first time, or like a part of me has been sleeping my whole life and is finally waking up. It’s such a cool feeling, one that I do not take for granted. I’m just so excited to be beginning the rest of this social work life (except for the part where I accrue tons of debt).

So, I’m thankful for these occasional very meaningful days. They’re memorial stones along life’s path, and testaments to the faithfulness and wisdom of God.


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  1. oh sarah…i truly do miss having you in my life! we had some of those beginnings together, and even though life does keep beginning for me too (even tho i’m 47!!) you are still part of that life and i so would love a very very long chat with you! i am so proud of who you are. love ya lots! your own dorm mom…lynn

  2. Lynn!! You were also a guide, supporter, and mother to me, and I still think of you as such, all these years later. I miss your laugh! I love you so much. sarah

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