light at the end of the tunnel


Guess what? One more week of classes, and only one final the following week! Finishing something feels wonderful. I’m a chronic list-maker, and my kindred spirits out there will nod their heads in solidarity when I say there is so much satisfaction in checking something off a list.

It isn’t always easy. I spent about six months training for the Chicago marathon, and so many times I just wanted it to be OVER. But I couldn’t rush time along, and I knew I’d regret missing those Saturday morning long runs. When the marathon came, it was such a wonderful experience, so full of good memories. But even the marathon showed that sometimes the finish line is (literally) a long time coming.

So here I am, about to finish semester #1. It feels great to be finishing. It feels discouraging to have three more semesters to go. A little like the ‘here/not yet here’ rhetoric N.T. Wright uses to describe the kingdom of God. I like that. Another reminder that we’re in process. We wait, we act, we arrive, we finish, but we’re never finished, always arriving, still growing and becoming. We’re living.


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