life: an update


I haven’t been able to speak with many of you lately, so I thought I would post a quick update regarding the new adventures and challenges in my life. Today was my first day of graduate school. As a welcoming gesture, I was given several hundred pages’ worth of reading assignments. My first class was called Race, Ethnicity, and Culture. It’s a class that focuses on four broad racial groups (African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americas, and Native Americans/First Nation); the class is also purposed to help us identify our own biases and conditioning so that we can determine how these will help and/or hinder our social work practice. It will be an interesting class, and probably not a little heated at times.

Tomorrow is my first day in a new part-time position at Tyndale. I’ll be spending afternoons in our Production department. God sure did provide for me with this job; it’s a nice department and it will be fun to learn something new.

I will definitely be relying on the grace of God to juggle all of these new things in life. He’s brought me thus far; he’ll continue to carry me in this journey! Thank you to all who have been asking after me during this transition…You mean the world to me! A terrific woman at church pulled me aside in the parking lot to pray for me, and that struck me as being representative of the care and concern that so many have shown. So, thanks! This is just the beginning!


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  1. Hope the rest of this week goes all right for you! Back to late night studying, huh? This time round, make sure you email all your papers to yourself. =)

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